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Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic
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MX400 2023-1 OFFICERSHIP 3.0
(BS=0.0, ET=0.0, MA=0.0)
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SCOPE MX400 is the Superintendent's capstone course. With its emphasis on each officer's duty to provide moral leadership, MX400 challenges cadets to become commissioned leaders of character who demonstrate virtue, honor, patriotism, and subordination to civilian authority. In MX400, cadets look both to the past and the future, reflecting on their own character-development experiences as part of the West Point Leader Development System (WPLDS), while also studying the enduring and emerging ethical challenges of the profession they are about to enter. MX400 empowers cadets to understand and embrace their ongoing development as leaders of character and their emerging identities as Army officers. Upon completion of MX400, each cadet should internalize their professional identity and feel confident in his or her ability to apply critical thinking in complex situations and present interdisciplinary solutions to complex military problems. MX400 supports the West Point Writing Program, as one of the two Writing-in-the-Profession courses, with the Pershing Reflective Essay.
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