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Class of 2024 Curriculum

The curriculum at the United States Military Academy is comprised of:
  1. Core Curriculum: The foundation of the academic program at USMA is 24 common core courses and three courses in an engineering sequence.
  2. Core Curriculum by Subject Area

  3. Languages Curriculum
  4. Major: The United States Military Academy's curriculum allows for a minimum of thirteen courses to contribute a major's disciplinary depth component. The Academy defines disciplinary depth as a course of study that offers a complex structure of knowledge. The comprehension of this structure--a decent understanding and control of it--is what is meant by study in depth.
  5. Department MAJ Catalog

  6. Core Engineering Sequence: This is a three course track consisting of one of the six three-course core engineering sequences: infrastructure, computer science, electrical, environmental, nuclear, or systems.
  7. Military Science/Development
  8. Physical Program
  9. Minors